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College Admissions 360*
Fall Meetings

Freshman - Junior 

Student/Parent Meeting.  Topics can include: getting started in high school, prior year report card review, standardized testing, extracurriculars, and more.

Spring Meetings

Freshman - Junior

Student/Parent Meeting.  Topics can include: prior semester report card review, standardized testing, course selection, summer plans.

Senior Year Kick-Off

June after Junior Year

Student/Parent Meeting.  School list planning, application strategy planning, prep for upcoming senior year application cycle.

30 Minute Flex

Student and/or Parent

We offer 1 flex session every school year for questions and/or concerns that may arise in between meeting schedules.

Annual Orientation


We hold orientation webinars every August for our classes to let them know what the upcoming year holds and the important college milestones that need to be accomplished.

Summer Planning


Learn more about the important of summer planning and hear from former GEC students about their experiences and how they shaped their college, major, and career choices.

Standardized Testing

January - Sophomore Year

Learn about standarized testing, diagnostics, test prep, and more.

Standardized Testing
SAT/ACT Diagnostic

Full SAT/ACT Diagnostic testing with review to determine which test is most appropriate and determind test prep strategy.

Test Prep Referral

Referral to our network of test prep providers based on family preferences.

Junior Workshops
Common App

Setting up the Common App, Completing Demographic, Activities, and Course List Sections in preparation for application cycle.


Assistance completing the Self Reported Academic Record - a portal where student input their transcript for submission to schools that require this.

Common App Essay

Essay Brainstorming exercises designed to help students decide on their common app essay topic and outline their essay.

Supplemental Essays

2 Workshops offered to help students start common supplemental essay topics including: Extracurricular Experience, and Why This College/Why This Major

Senior Year
Essay Support

Essay idea brainstorming, feedback, and review.

Application Review

GEC will review a students application prior to submission to their schools and will help student submit in office (if desired) during Office Hours.

Office Hours

GEC will post times where students may sign up and come in to have questions answered, get help with applications, or have general work time on college applications.

College Portals

Student can request assistance with setting up college portals during Office Hour Sessions.

Student Check-in

GEC checks in with students on their progress during office hours sessions or by text (as needed).

Deferral Guidance

Student can request assistance with completing deferral notice requirements during Office Hours.

Interview Prep

If students are applying to schools with interviews, GEC will offer up to three, one hour interview prep sessions.

Parent Communication

Opportunities for parents to stay up to date with application process.

Other Benefits
Custom College Plan Account - Research Colleges, Keep Your Applications Organized, and more
Summer Planning Digital Resources - Learn about summer programs, pre-college programs, and more
College Planning Digital Resources - Resources to help answer questions you may have throughout the process.
Student Assessments - Learning Style, Personality, Skills, and Intelligences Assessements
Monthly Newsletter - Helpful information for all steps of the process.

* Package does not include support for honors college applications, scholarships, school year abroad consulting, or gap year consulting.  These services can be provided for an additional fee (with certain restrictions)

Package Pricing


Freshman Year

Sophomore Year

Junior Year

Senior Year

Total Price





Installment Payments





First installment payment due upon signing.  Additional installments are billed on or around August 1 each year with the last installment due August before senior year.

* $7,500 due in full after August 1

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