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Educational Journeys

Beyond Basic Admissions Advice

Welcome to Educational Journeys: Beyond Basic Admissions Advice, your premier destination for expert insights into the college and boarding school admissions journey. Hosted by Katie Garrett and Martha Anne Krisko, seasoned educational consultants from Charlotte, NC, our podcast delves deep into the world of higher education and preparatory schooling, offering invaluable advice, tips, and stories to guide parents and teenagers through these pivotal experiences.

Whether you're navigating the complex landscape of college admissions, exploring the elite world of boarding schools, or seeking strategies for high school success, Educational Journeys is here to light the way. Our episodes cover a wide range of topics, including application strategies, essay writing tips, standardized testing, and much more, all designed to demystify the admissions process and help students achieve their educational dreams.

Join us as we tackle the pressing issues facing high school students and their families today, from managing stress and expectations to preparing for life beyond the classroom. With Educational Journeys, gain access to the latest trends, data, and advice in college and boarding school admissions straight from the experts who are dedicated to helping students find their best-fit schools and succeed in their academic journeys.

Subscribe to Educational Journeys for insightful discussions, actionable advice, and the support you need to confidently step into the future. Whether you're a parent of a prospective college student, a teenager gearing up for boarding school, or anyone in between, our podcast is your go-to resource for all things admissions.

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College Advising for B Students

Join Katie and Melanie Talesnick from Admit Consulting on TestBright's podcast episode, College Advising for B Students.


So much of the college admissions conversation seems to assume perfect grades and test scores along with ultra-selective ambitions. What about the other 99% of the applicant pool? 


What will you learn:

  1. What does it mean to be a regular kid in college admissions?

  2. Why are college rankings not the final word in academic fit?

  3. How do you create a college list that includes realistic choices while being open minded to alternatives?

  4. How can students advantage themselves in admissions?

  5. Why does the term "dream killer" have no place in discussions of college fit?

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