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Colleges in the Southeast That Are Still Hosting In-Person Tours

In the midst of such confusing and uncertain times, students are experiencing even more stress and pressure than usual in deciding which institution they will choose to attend for the next four years. For many students, plans of campus visits, tours, and information sessions all came to a halt at the breakout of COVID-19. We have compiled a list of Colleges and Universities within driving distance of Charlotte that are still carrying out in person tours, as well as more information on how to sign up linked below, in hopes that this aids in making the college search process less uncertain and more enjoyable, as it should be.

Queen's University

Founded in 1857, Queen's University is a private college located in Charlotte with many connections to the area that create countless opportunities for students to get involved in the community. Queen’s has approximately 2,300 students, both undergraduate and graduate. Students at Queens find the small size of the student body an integral part of their learning experience, creating more intimacy in classroom and social settings. Professors are known to be extremely intentional with their students as well as very accessible. Queen’s is most similar to Lenoir-Rhyne University, Guilford College, and Wingate University. Fortunately, Queen's University is still offering in person tours for prospective students interested in learning more about the university. In addition to in person tours, Queens is also offering virtual tours on their website to best serve everybody's needs during these uncertain times.

Elon University

Founded in 1889, Elon University in one of the leading liberal arts colleges in the Southeast. A private school in Elon, North Carolina, in a suburban location, Elon University is home to about 6,550 students, both undergrad and graduate. A little under two hours from Charlotte, Elon is proud to be a school that is growing in socioeconomic diversity within the student body. Faculty and administration place a strong emphasis on students graduating with a global perspective and experiential learning. Elon provides an environment where students can grow holistically. It is most similar to High Point University, Wake Forest, and Villinova (PA). Elon is offering small group campus visits with modified tours.

High Point University

Founded in 1924, High Point University is a private liberal arts university in a suburban town affiliated with the United Methodist Church. HPU is about an hour and fifteen minutes from Charlotte and is home to approximately 4,900 students. HPU was selected, for the sixth consecutive year, as a “Colleges of Distinction” due to distinction in four major categories: engaged students, great teaching, vibrant communities, and successful outcomes. The environment at HPU is said to be vibrant and interactive, a place where students thrive. HPU is most similar to Elon and James Madison. The school is offering in person tours as well as many virtual options such as tours, open houses, online information sessions, and also specific school group tours.

Wofford College

Founded in 1854, Wofford College is a great example of a private, liberal-arts school that fosters a tight-knit community and a supportive academic experience. Wofford is about an hour and forty minutes from Charlotte in the small city of Spartanburg, SC, and has a student body of 1,700. Similar schools include Washington and Lee University, Davidson College, Hampden Sydney College, and Hollins University. Wofford College is currently offering both in person tours and virtual tours.

Furman University

Founded in 1826, Furman University is a smaller school that focuses on supporting individual academic paths while simultaneously fostering community outreach and their Division I Athletics. Furman resides in Greenville SC, about two hours and fifteen minutes from Charlotte. In total, around 3,000 students attend Furman University, both undergrad and graduate. Furman emphasizes the individuality of their students and prioritizes their personal growth. Similar schools include Wofford College, Rhodes College, and Trinity College. Furman is currently offering both in-person and virtual tours.

Newberry College

Founded in 1856, Newberry College is located in a historic town in South Carolina. Newberry is a small, liberal arts school with access to lots of scholarships and campus ministry opportunities. The campus is just under two hours from Charlotte and is home to 1,200 students. Newberry College prides themselves on their close knit community which is said to feel very welcoming to all. Similar colleges include Haverford College, Centre College, and Kenyon College. Currently, Newberry is offering both in person tours and virtual tours.

University of Lynchburg

Founded in 1903, The University of Lynchburg is very connected to its lively city as well as the various outdoor activities its geography provides. Situated on a small yet beautiful, Lynchburg offers advanced research opportunities, supportive academic resources, and Division III Athletics. The campus is about three hours and fifteen minutes from Charlotte and is home to 2,800 students. Similar schools include Colby College, Furman University, and Roanoke College. University of Lynchburg is currently doing in person tours and virtual tours as well.

Roanoke College

Founded in 1842, Roanoke College provides a supportive first-year experience, academic excellence, an inclusive and active spiritual community, and abundant scholarship opportunities in a mountainous, yet lively city. Roanoke is about three hours from Charlotte and has approximately 2,000 students. Similar schools include the University of Richmond, University of Lynchburg, and Williams College. Roanoke is currently offering in person visits as well as virtual tours.

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