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Garrett Educational Consulting
College Services

Thank you for your inquiry and your interest in Garrett Educational Consulting.  Below you can review our services brochure and learn more about our process, covered services, pricing, and payment structure.  To discuss our services in more detail, please schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation call with us.


College Admissions Consulting Class Status

Class of 2024 - CLOSED 

Class of 2025 - CLOSED (Learn More About our College Admissions 360 Program)

Class of 2026 - CLOSED (Learn More About our College Admissions 360 Program)

Class of 2027 - CLOSED (Learn More About our College Admissions 360 Program)

Comprehensive Admissions Counseling offers everything your student needs to successfully navigate the college admissions process:

• Completion of up to 12 school applications from start to finish, including the personal statement essay, activity sheet, resume, and all supplemental essays


• One-on-one meetings and small group work sessions strategically scheduled to tackle navigating the college planning and admissions process


• Access to our College Planner Pro Platform that includes resources to research schools, assessments to help you identify your learning style, strengths, and interests, and tools to help with resume creation and essay management


• Development of a realistic and strategic college list based on the student’s qualifications and personal requirements for a university


• Combination of in-person, virtual, and taped educational sessions to guide your student through the steps necessary each year to keep on track with their college plan


• Complete application support including assistance with essay brainstorming and detailed feedback, course selection, standardized testing timeline, early admissions strategy, customized application timelines, and overall project management of the entire process

Our Approach

From start to finish, students are encouraged to be the key drivers in the process. Our experience has proven this is critical to success in the admissions process. We’re here to help navigate, and families can rest easy knowing that all decisions in the process are made based on a student-focused approach. We believe that a successful college placement is based on the academic, social, and emotional well-being of your child.

Custom College Plan Platform

Our College Planner Pro platform is your student's go to site for all of their application needs. From Personality and Learning style assessments to a Resume and essay development platform, this will be their main resource as we navigate through their college applications.

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