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Check out College Scoops!

As more colleges open to in person campus tours you may be wondering what you can do, other than the tour, to get a feel for the school's atmosphere. A great way is to explore the town, places the students like to eat, shop and hang out.

College Scoops is a great resource for students and their families looking to learn more about the best places to visit while on their visits. Their website is set up to allow you to search by school name, by location, or by school size to help build your list of things to do if you know exactly where you are going or to help add on some schools if you will be in a specific area. Even if some of your school choices aren't open for guided tours their site helps prepare you for a self guided tour if you happen to be in the area.

The Scoops website also has a great blog and podcast series to follow, all of which provide valuable information to families navigating the college process.

Be sure to check them out before your next college visit!

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