Freshman College Consulting Comprehensive Contract

Thank you for your interest in Garrett Educational Consulting's college counseling services.  This page will allow you to complete the steps necessary to sign your student up for our FRESHMAN COMPREHENSIVE CONTRACT.  Please follow the steps below to complete your contract acceptance and initial deposit payment.

Step 1:  Read Contract Agreement

Step 2: Make Your Initial Deposit Payment

Step 3: Check Your Email within 24 hours - complete the acknowledgement and intake form to complete your student's account

Garrett Educational Consulting Comprehensive College Consulting Agreement

This agreement is for the delivery of specified consulting services sets forth responsibilities for both Consultant and Client for services selected by Client as detailed below:

College Application Comprehensive Package

_______ Freshman - $7500

_______ Sophomore - $6400

_______ Junior-  $5300

________ Senior - $5300

B. TERM OF CONTRACT: The contract between GEC and Client will begin on the date that this contract is completed and the initial payment is made by Client.  The term of this contract will end on either the date student accepts and makes a deposit at the school of their choice or May 31st of student’s senior year, whichever comes first.


C. SCOPE OF SERVICE: Consultant agrees that the following services are included in the scope of this agreement:

  • Applications – GEC  will  provide  times  for  student  to  come  and  complete  the  basic portion  of  their  applications  (demographic  information,  activities,  etc).    GEC  does  not complete  these  portions  of  the  application  for  the  student.    GEC  also  offers  to  schedule  a meeting  for  the  purpose  of  submitting  final  applications.    Student  will  schedule  these meetings  with  GEC  if  they  wish  to  submit  with  GEC.    Student  will  bring  all  portal  login information  (Common  App,  College  Board,,  etc),  a  credit  card  for  payment  of fees,  and  their  laptop  to  these  sessions.    GEC  provides  support  for  all  applications  up  to 12  total  schools  from  the  school  list  developed  by  GEC  and  the  family  (the  average student  applies  to  8-12  schools).    Based  on  availability  of  GEC,  application  support  can be  provided  for  additional  schools  above  the  12  at  a  cost  of  $500  per  school.

  • Essays – GEC provides the following support to students during the essay writing process: brainstorming topics, up to 3 edits per essay, and a final review prior to application submission.  GEC does not write any portion of a student’s essay for them.  GEC provides support for all applications within reason (the average student applied to 8-12 schools)

  • School  List  Development  -  the  final  school  list  to  be  used  for  application  purposes  can contain  up  to  12  schools  that  are  balanced  between  reach,  target,  and  likely  schools.  The  list  must  be  agreed  upon  by  all  parties  prior  to  beginning  the  application  process, however,  reasonable  substitutions  to  the  list  may  be  made  with  approval  from  all  parties.

  • Summer Planning – GEC will provide student and family with information on summer programs for the student and family to research opportunities for summer enrichment.  It is not the responsibility of GEC to convince a student to do any summer programming nor is it the responsibility of GEC to complete applications, review applications, and/or advocate with the program administrators for admission purposes.

  • Standardized Testing Diagnostic – GEC provides as a part of this contract 1 SAT and 1 ACT diagnostic test for a baseline which will allow for test prep recommendations.

  • Standardized Testing Prep - GEC will provide family with test prep referral information for review.  It is the responsibility of the family to research and choose a test prep company.  Expenses for test prep are not included in GEC’s fee.

  • Extracurricular Planning: GEC will discuss with student and family opportunities for extracurricular activities both in and outside of school.  GEC will provide suggestions of opportunities that would fit student’s interests and fill out student’s resume, however, GEC is not responsible for encouraging or insisting that a student participate in any specific activity.  All choices are made by the student.

  • School Schedule Planning – GEC will meet with students each year to discuss course selection and will provide advisement with appropriate classes for which the student is qualified.  Should a student not qualify for certain classes with their high school GEC does not advocate with the school to attempt to enroll student in these classes.

  • Merit Aid – GEC will assist students with their applications for Major named scholarships at Universities for which they are nominated by their school.  It will be the responsibility of the student to complete any application materials (including essays) to present to GEC for review and feedback.  GEC will provide 1 review of a student’s application and provide feedback.  GEC does not write any portion of a student’s essay for them.

  • Honor’s College Applications: It will be the responsibility of the student to complete any application materials (including essays) for any Honor’s Colleges to which the student wishes to apply and to present to GEC for review and feedback.  GEC will provide 1  review of a student’s application. GEC does not write any portion of a student’s essay for them.

  • Exclusions: The GEC College Contract does not include consulting for: gap year programs, post graduate year programs, scholarship applications (other than what is listed above), parent coaching, tutoring, help with high school classes or projects, guidance related to trouble with current school work or performance.


D. PARENT AND STUDENT RESPONSIBILITIES: The primary focus of GARRETT EDUCATIONAL CONSULTING is the welfare of the student.  Successful outcomes are the product of an active partnership where the Client will have responsibilities including but not limited to the following:


  • Disclosing all of the student’s academic, psychological, and disciplinary history, including report cards, official score reports from standardized testing, IEP, and 504 plan, if appropriate

  • Providing GEC with all requested documentation including, but not limited to: Official school transcript, all report cards, all test results (ACT, SAT, Pre-Act, PSAT, SAT Subject Tests, etc.), and a graded student writing sample (to be provided in student’s junior year)

  • Maintaining regular communication with GEC including reading all correspondence sent by GEC and responding as necessary

  • Upon joining GEC, the first regularly scheduled meeting will occur at the next scheduled interval for the year the student becomes a client.  For example – if a student signs up in November of their Freshman year the first meeting will be the Winter Meeting which is held in late January/early February

  • Making regular appointments with GEC through the online scheduling portal, arriving on time for appointments, and should it be necessary to cancel providing at least 24 hours notice.  The parent will be notified of the first 2 missed student appointments.  Upon the third instance GEC has the right to terminate consulting services

  • I understand that it is our responsibility to schedule regular student meetings with GEC.  These meetings are intentionally planned to correspond with certain task that need to be completed.  Should I fail to make those appointments I understand that GEC is not responsible for making those appointments up at a later time

  • It is the responsibility of the student to complete all applications to the best of their ability prior to submitting to GEC for review.  I understand that GEC’s responsibility in the process is to provide feedback and edits, not to complete the materials and writing on the student’s behalf

  • Student will submit documents for review to their google drive at least 48 hours prior to any needed feedback and/or meetings.  Student will alert GEC (by text or by email) that the documents are waiting for review.  GEC will return feedback to students within 48 business hours

  • Student will submit all written materials for review in a fully written and edited form.  GEC expects that the student will have edited any written submission to the point where the student feels that it is in almost final form

  • Student will come to each meeting with GEC prepared and having completed any tasks assigned by GEC prior to the meeting time

  • Student will bring a laptop to each meeting with GEC

  • Student will follow all processes for application submission and for essay editing as outlined in the flow chart (Exhibit 1)

  • Scheduling of and making college visits

  • Maintaining communication with the high school college guidance counselor and following the requirements of the high school guidance office

  • Sending official test scores to colleges

  • Securing academic and personal recommendations

  • Completing, sending, and paying for all applications and supplemental items (such as test scores, transcripts, letters of recommendation, supplemental application materials required by the school, etc)

  • Student will update their College Planner Pro account on a regular basis to indicate the status of their applications, items that have been submitted, and the response from all of the schools to which they applied

  • Monitoring school Naviance account to ensure that all supplemental materials have been submitted for their applications (transcripts, school profile, recommendations, etc)

  • Monitoring status of application and advising colleges of enrollment intentions

  • Informing GEC of all responses from schools to which the student has applied

  • All writing for the application must be the student’s own original work.  If an outside party becomes involved in the essay process (outside of school required assistance) GEC will cease to provide additional suggestions and collaboration on that essay and our responsibility will be to provide grammar edits only

  • Deposit must be sent to only one college or university


College Application Comprehensive Package

Freshman $1100                            Due upon signing

$1100                           Sept. 1st of Sophomore Year

$2650                           Sept. 1st of Junior Year

$2650                           Sept. 1st of Senior Year


Sophomore $1100                            Due upon signing

$2650                            Sept. 1st of Junior Year

$2650                            Sept. 1st of Senior Year


Junior $2650                            Due upon signing

$2650                            Sept. 1st of Senior Year


Senior $5300     Due upon signing

PLEASE NOTE: Any account with a balance past due of 60 days or more will not be able to schedule or receive services until that account is brought current.


F. DISCLAIMERS: The services provided by GARRETT EDUCATIONAL CONSULTING are advisory in nature and the final decision on selection of colleges rests with the student and family.  It is hereby agreed and understood that:

  • No Guarantees: It is understood that GEC cannot guarantee acceptance to any college or university.


  • The services provided by GEC are intended to assure that students are submitting competitive applications and that students and their families understand the college admission process.


  • Fees are not accepted from institutions or programs for referral or placement of a client.

  • Since the only person who can impact the college’s ultimate decision is the student, designated fees are payable whether or not the student gains acceptance to the college of choice.

G. LIMIT ON LIABILITY: GEC disclaims all warranties, whether expressed or implied, of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose which are disclaimed.  In no event shall GEC, its employees, agents, owners or officers be liable to the client or any other party for special, consequential, indirect, incidental, punitive or exemplary damages, however caused, whether for breach of warranty, contract, tort, strict liability or other event if GEC has been advised of the possibility of such damages.  The liability of GEC and its employees, agents, owners and officers shall be limited to the amount received by GEC from customer under this agreement during the twelve month period preceding the claim.

H. CANCELLATION: Payments made on GEC contracts are for services to be rendered in that  upcoming school year.  Payments are non-refundable once received.  Client may cancel at the end of each school year (no later than May 31 of that year) and will not owe any future payments on the contract.  All services and access will be terminated upon cancellation.

I. DISPUTE RESOLUTION: Any disputes in excess of $2,000.00 arising out of this Agreement shall be submitted to binding arbitration before the Joint Ethics Committee or a mutually agreed upon arbitrator pursuant to the rules of the American Arbitration Association. The Arbitrator’s award shall be final, and judgment may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof. The Client (including Student, Parent(s) or Guardian(s)) shall be responsible for and shall promptly pay all arbitration and court costs, reasonable attorney’s fees, and legal interest on any award of judgment in favor of GEC.

J. LEGAL AND BINDING AGREEMENT: This agreement will be deemed legal and binding to both parties of signature and will not be transferable or negotiable. All additional changes, revisions, and modifications will require an addendum, or revised agreement prior to additional work.  The Client shall be obligated to pay any and all third party fees or expenses that were orally authorized in order to progress prompt.

  1. RESPONSE AND ACCEPTANCE OF CONTRACT: This contract and its terms shall be valid for a period of 30 days from the date of sending by GEC to Client.  After 30 days the terms and conditions (including the fee amount and payment schedule) may be subject to change.