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Boarding School Admissions Consulting

Most of our new boarding school clients come into the office wanting to explore boarding school as an option but are not sure of the experience they will land on. From our point of view, there is no ‘one fit’ answer which is why our philosophy promotes exploring a wide and diverse selection of schools and considering every option. What is important to us is that we help find the school that is the best fit for the student and their family. Whether it's an all-girls equestrian school, one that has their own ski team, or something else entirely, we strive to find a school that accommodates all the needs and wants of a client. In order to begin and then narrow down the search for the perfect fit, we have access to countless resources from school visits, communications with admissions officers, and even testimonies from a few of our past boarding school clients to provide firsthand accounts of how rewarding boarding school can be.

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Boarding school provided me opportunities that I could have never had if I had continued in day school. To me, the most important aspect of boarding school is the relationships you are able to form. I was able to form a bond with the dean of students at my school through football, and along with two of my friends, the four of us started a charity providing scholarships for children in third world communities across the world. I was able to travel to the Philippines with our charity in order to meet some of last years scholarship recipients and select the upcoming year's group. This was just one of the impactful sets of relationships that I was able to foster during my time at boarding school. The residential community leads itself to students not only growing close with each other, but also with the faculty since you are constantly interacting with them outside of the classroom. This is just one of the many aspects of boarding school that make it the opportunity of a lifetime, but it was what I found to be the most important.

-St. Paul's School Class of 2016

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One can spend countless hours making a list of pros and cons as to why boarding school is the right choice for you.  It is not uncommon to find independence etched at the top of the pros list.  I felt my social and intellectual independence was not at the full potential at the school I was attending in my hometown.  Boarding school prepared me for college more than any college preparatory school in Charlotte could have.  It gave me the independence to live on my own with other students and gave me new responsibilities academically and socially.  At home, my parents would supervise my time to assure I was spending it correctly.  At boarding school, it became my responsibility to manage my own time.  I learned to balance school, sports, and friends in an effective way that guaranteed me to prosper in this environment.  It was my responsibility to attend all my classes and contribute to class discussions.  After sports, it was my responsibility to organize and complete my schoolwork.   During the day, it was my responsibility to visit my teachers for extra help and also find time to socialize with my friends.  Boarding school gives you many responsibilities but also the freedom to take advantage of the opportunities and resources that are open to you.  It was through these responsibilities that I learned the true meaning and importance of independence that is valuable for growth beyond high school.

​-Pomfret School Class of 2017

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