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Garrett Educational Consulting
Boarding School Services

Thank you for your inquiry and your interest in Garrett Educational Consulting.  Below you can review our services brochure and learn more about our process, covered services, pricing, and payment structure.  To discuss our services in more detail, please schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation call with us.

Welcome and Orientation

Once you are signed on, you will receive a welcome email with instructions on setting up access to your accounts and instructions on gathering and submitting all of the information needed for us to get started.

In our initial meeting we will go over all of the submitted materials, discuss SSAT testing, and talk through desired school qualities including: size, location, cost, curriculum, athletics, same sex vs co-ed, extracurriculars, religious affiliation, dress code and more.

School Lists & Visits

Once we have had our initial meetings, Garrett Educational Consulting will take all of the materials and interests and begin to compile a school list for the family's review.


Once the list is finalized with the schools of highest interest families will begin to make their travel plans to visit campus. Garrett Educational Consulting will contact the schools on your behalf to let them know that you are coming and that you are a GEC client once you set your travel dates and admissions appointments.


Each of our students is offered a full SSAT Diagnostic test to assess the student's projected scoring on this boarding school admissions test. We can make referrals to test prep companies if your student would like to do some tutoring. Students can sign up for an sit for exams at local facilities that offer the SSAT and those local to Charlotte (or willing to travel) may also take up to 1 SSAT Flex test with us in our offices (please review the Boarding School Admissions Contract with Flex Test for this option).

Interview Prep

As part of the application process students will visit and sit for an interview with admissions reps from each of the schools to which the student will apply. We will work with your student to prepare them for questions they may encounter and help them with crafting their answers. Additionally we will coach them on appropriate dress and presentation for when they are in the admissions office. We also go through appropriate behaviors on Zoom meetings should the admissions interview be scheduled in a virtual format.

Personal Statement & Supplemental Essays

We work with students using techniques we have developed in over 20 years of counseling to help a student identify topics for the essays. Students are given work time in our offices so that they have an environment that is conducive to getting these tasks done. Additionally, we will help guide parents with their statements for the applications, answering questions for parents who may be unsure what information to include or not include in their statements.

Engagement with Schools

​Once applications are in to your schools Garrett Educational Consulting reaches out to all of your schools' admissions directors to talk through the application.

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