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5 Hour Support Package

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Package Covers:

    • Services May Be Used For:

      • Day School Placement Consulting

      • General Academic Advisement

      • Course and Summer Planning for a student in Middle School (8th grade or below)

      • Other services as agreed upon by GEC and Client

      • This package cannot be applied to the College Application or Boarding School Application Processes


    • Up to 5 Hours of consulting services, which may include:

      • Phone calls

      • Meetings

      • Emails

      • Research

      • Discussions with prospective schools, programs, etc (if applicable)

      • Reviewing documents and Psych Ed Evaluations

      • Interview Prep

    • Term of Agreement:

      • Services under this agreement are valid for a period of 12 months from the signing date of this contract



is the welfare of the student. Successful outcomes are the product of an active partnership

where the Client will have responsibilities including but not limited to the following:


  • Disclosing all of the student’s academic and psychological history, including report cards, official score reports from standardized testing, IEP, and 504 plan, if appropriate

  • Maintain communication with GEC Consultants and create goals that will be accomplished during session

  • Tracking Hours Used.  Should client continue to request additional services once the 5 hours are used GEC will continue to process submitted requests and will accrue charges to be billed to client as detailed below.




$1250 Due In Full at Contract Signing


Once 5 hours are used GEC will continue to process submitted requests at the following rates:

  • Phone Calls/Meetings/Research/Application Review - Billed at GEC hourly rate (see GEC website for current hourly rate)

  • Essay Edits - billed at 1/4 hour per edit (GEC hourly rate applies - see website for current rate)

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